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daDA: Glorious Glorious Weirdos

Glorious Glorious Weirdos - yes, they have daDA's number - you can see my handy camera work around -0:07 on the August 4th promotional video.

Minneapolis has been so wonderful to daDA. So wonderful, she's going to take a break today and see some shows in disguise (sans wig and eyelashes and anything red - gasp, I feel so naked and vulnerable) and perhaps bike this beautiful city? If only my legs weren't so tired from running through my subconscious all day.

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Choose your own adventure!

by Shauna Edson on August 5, 2017

I enjoy well-crafted audience participation, and Dame daDA has mastered this art. From the outset her show feels intimate, tailored just for those of us in the room, and it's impressive to watch an artist who is so adept at improvising with whatever the crowd throws at her. The games were fun and poignant, the jokes were subtly brilliant, and daDA's self-depricating humor was charming. The entire show was a joyful roller-coaster ride to who-knows-where, and I loved every minute of it.

(Ed from the street came back for a second helping :)

Back at it on MONDAY 7pm Ritz Studio Theater.

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