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daDA goEs roGue

Enjoyed testing out some new jokes at last night's show- a few local references, a few....mmmmm...shall we say, bold choices, and of course coughing up the spontaneous tangerine hair that slipped into in my throat while I nursed baby was a crowd pleaser, IT HAD TO GO.

Found some more lovely Minneapolian words. (I'm not sure St. Paul knows what to do with me yet. I believe one lady left early - huzzah! daDA disturbed).

I love her.

by Miquela Lopez on August 7, 2017 "And I would follow her anywhere she wants to take me. A show as vibrant as her orange hair and just as fun. Shows like this is why I Fringe: wild, artistic, and thoroughly engaging."

Photo Credit: Larry LaBonte

FINAL SHOW WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Sad face emoji. 7pm Ritz Studio Theater

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