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daDA done.

Minnesota has grit. Minnesota has charm. Minnesota has Grumpy's. Grumpy's has bar food. Bar food is lodged in gut next to Baby. We are at an impasse. Oh yes, and Minnesota has my heart.

Last night we put on our eyelashes for the final time here in Minneapolis. (those have lasted 10 shows - 3 in the dust - keep an eye out for C-23, they are beginning to burn a bit) ..

a "WEfie" with the wonderful audience at curtain call. "Hello Curtain? it's me daDA."

Unfortunately, my phone is full of photos: sunsets and blue chickens from the Walker sculpture garden, and "memory is full." I do not buy it. so daDA tricks the phone by using the facebook app to take the ego images, my proof that we existed ("oh, how clever daDA"). The phone heard me bragging - the photo did not save, into the ether - with the show - with the words - with the audience

. meta meta meta.....The Robot Revolution has begun!!!

a few final reviews to keep my id warm on those cold desert nights.

A Gem....

by Michele Briggs on August 9, 2017

Dame daDa is fantastic. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable even with the audience participation. She is funny, witty and entertaining. If you didn't get to see the show you truly missed out on a gem. Plus you get gifts for attending.

Art(?) - Yes it is!

by Stephanie Vadala on August 9, 2017

Dame daDa is magnificent! She fully embraces the character with witty comebacks and engaging stories. She has a way of engaging the audience in participation without it feeling forced or uncomfortable. Thoroughly entertaining and she commands the stage. I loved this show. Go see it tonight as she only has 1 show left at 7pm!!!

Community Season Seven

by Minrod Mier on August 8, 2017

No, you WILL participate! Even the shyest Minnesotan is arm -twisted into helping to make Hamilton's show the success it is. You won't get to take over, she won't let you, but you will find yourself connecting with other strangers as they - and you - are joined together as audience/cast with this friendly despot in charge. Enjoy the ride!

look for daDA in NYC, Thanksgiving or Winter Holidays. daDA wants a HOLIDAY SPECIAL :).

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